Restaurant Business Survey

Restaurant business survey is a kind of a survey which is conducted by those people or organizations who need to gather information regarding the restaurant business sector. These surveys consist of various questions whose aim is to know about the manner in which a restaurant is to be run and what difficulties are faced by an owner while managing the restaurant. These surveys are conducted amongst restaurant owners, who are required to fill in their personal details as well as answer all the questions asked in the survey. The survey helps the people in understanding about the basic necessities which are required by those, who want to enter into a restaurant business.

Sample Restaurant Business Survey:

Name of the restaurant: _______________

Restaurant’s location: __________________

Restaurant’s phone number: __________________

Name of the restaurant owner: ________________

Address of the owner: ________________

Owner’s Telephone no: _______________

Email id: _________________

Q1.How many employees work in your restaurant?


Q2.How many days in a week is your restaurant open?

  • The whole week
  • We are off on 1 day
  • We are off on more than 1 day

Q3.How would you describe the response of your restaurant?

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Below average

Q4.What is the main feature of your restaurant?

  • Food
  • Ambience
  • Service

Q5.Rate the following categories of your restaurant from the score of 1 to 10? 1 being the least and 10 being the maximum score?

  • Starters _______
  • Main course _________
  • Desert ________
  • Service __________
  • Ambience _________
  • Sitting arrangement __________

Q6.What is the salary of the following people who work under you?

  • Chef __________
  • Chef’s assistants ___________
  • Restaurant manager ______________
  • Waiters ___________
  • Guard _________

Q7.Specify the area in which your restaurant is lacking and also give reasons for the same?


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