Real Estate Feedback Survey

A real estate feedback survey is that type of a feedback survey which is drafted or formed by a real estate company to take views of its clients/property owners so as to evaluate itself. The surveys of this kind are effective in taking an honest feedback of a number of people so that a general conclusion can be drawn from it. These surveys are quite popular and are commonly conducted by real estate companies or dealers. A sample of a real estate feedback survey has been given below to help you get a better idea of the same.

Sample Real Estate Feedback Survey:

Respondent’s name:

Residential address of respondent:

Contact number of respondent:

Date of birth:


Email address of respondent:

Kindly answer the following questions in the spaces which have been provided to you. Please answer all the questions.

Q1. Since how many years have you been associated with our company?

a)      0-1 year

b)      1-3 years

c)      3-5 years

d)     More than 5 years

Q2. Have you brought any real estate property from us?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q3. If your answer to the above question is yes, then how many properties have you bought?

a)      1-3

b)      3-5

c)      5-7

d)     More than 7

Q4. Are you satisfied with the real estate properties which we offer?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. What do you have to say about the prices that we sell the properties at?

a)      Reasonable

b)      High

c)      Acceptable

d)     Low

Q6. What do you have to say about the location of the properties we offer?

a)      Nicely located

b)      Not nicely located

c)      Average locations

d)     If other(please give your own views)

Q7. How do you find the investment opportunities related to the properties?

a)      Excellent

b)      Good

c)      Average

d)     Not good

e)      If other(please specify)

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