ONS Annual Business Survey

ONS or Office for National statistics is an organisation working in the United Kingdom that conducts a business survey each year known as the ONS annual Business Survey. These business surveys are aimed at collecting business related information from almost all the business organisations to estimate the Gross Value Added and other such figures that are important for economy. Any such survey consists of a chain of questions that can be subjective, objective or both in nature. Given below is a sample of an ONS annual Business survey:

Sample ONS Annual Business Survey

Name of business organisation: _______________

Location of business organisation with zip code: _______________

Contact number(s) of business organisation: _____________

Name of business head: ______________________

Name of business manager: ____________________

Contact number of business manager: ____________________

The following is an ONS annual business survey. Kindly answer all of the following given questions to the best of your knowledge.

Q1. What is the nature and type of your business organisation? You can select more than one option.

a)      Wholesale

b)      Manufacturing and production

c)      Retail business

d)     Restaurant business

e)      Service providers

f)       Other (please explain in detail)

Q2. Please write in the registration code of your business organisation?


Q3. Since when has your business been in operation?


Q4. What is the gross revenue of your business organisation for the year 2011-2012?


Q5. What is the total expense figure of your business organisation for the year 2011-2012?


Q6. How many employees do you have in total currently?

a)      0-20

b)      20-50

c)      50-100

d)     More than 100

Q7. Please explain in detail the kind of investments your business organisation is engaged in as of now?


Q8. If given a chance, would you like to expand the scope and range of your business organisation/

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q9.Please explain your business strategy in detail.


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