Job Compatibility Survey

A job compatibility survey is a set of questions which help an individual in assessing the job type that he or she is most suitable for. The questions aim at gathering the behavioral aspect of the individual and an analysis of the answers tell where will the individual perform to the best of his/ her capabilities. A sample compatibility survey is given here.

Sample Job Compatibility Survey

Fill in the following blanks for the personal details

Name: ___________________________

Age: ____________________________

Contact No.: ______________________

Email Address: ____________________

Physical Address: __________________

Kindly answer the following questions. It is necessary to answer all the questions.

1. Give a brief description of your previous job.


2. What was the reason for resigning from the last job?

a. Lack of scope of improvement and growth

b. Lack of appropriate work opportunities

c. Lack of inspiration

d. Too much work

e. Got bored

3. What was the best thing about your last job/ office?

a. Cooperative colleagues

b. Opportunities to be creative and innovative

c. Work was intellectually stimulating

d. Appreciation for work

e. Freedom of expression

4. How would you describe your working speed?

a. Slow

b. Moderately fast

c. Fast

d. Extremely fast

5. How do you handle the pressure in the work environment?

a. By keeping to myself

b. By lashing out on others

c. By blaming others

d. By taking a calm break, and sorting things out.

6. What are the work timings that are suitable to you?

a. I am comfortable with all the timings

b. Strict specified office timings

c. Timings with some flexibility

7. Give a description of your career goals/ objectives.


8. Are you easily influenced by other people’s opinions?

a. Yes, at times

b. Yes, always

c. No, never.

9. Are you a team player?

a. Yes

b. No, I like working solo.

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