Home Business Survey

A home business survey is a kind of a survey wherein the survey conducting organisation wishes to gather information about the businesses which are being run from home. These surveys consist of questions that are aimed at knowing the details of home businesses from the home business owners. The collective feedback of a number of responses helps these organisations to conclude certain results and opinions. Given below is a sample of a home business survey which will explain in details the structure and nature of such surveys.

Sample Home Business Survey:

Name of home business owner:

Residential address with zip code:

Contact number(s):


Name of business:

Kindly answer all of the following questions which are a part of the home business survey:

Q1. Please explain the exact nature and type of the home business that you are running?


Q2. How many employees or workers have you employed in your home business?

a)      0-3

b)      3-7

c)      7-10

d)     More than 10

Q3. Since when have you been running this business from home?

a)      6 months

b)      6 months-1 year

c)      1 year-3 years

d)     More than 3 years

Q4. What is the reason due to which you opted to run the business from home rather than some other place?


Q5. Do you think that the profits would have been more if you were running this business from some other place?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Not sure

Q6. What according to you are the advantages of home business?

a)      Money saving from travel expenses

b)      I can give more time to the business and save the time of travel

c)      I can concentrate more

d)     I am more comfortable working like this

e)      If others then please specify (please specify)

Q7. What according to you are the disadvantages of running a home business?


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