Different types of salary surveys

A salary survey is a category of a survey which is framed by companies or organizations so as to take the feedback of its employees as far as their respective salaries are concerned. These surveys are in the form of questionnaires which have multiple questions all related to the salary satisfaction of the employees.

A salary survey helps companies to know if there are any dissatisfied employees and thus helps them to consider and improve the salary structures. There are many different types of salary surveys which are distinguished on the basis of the kind of questions they consist of. The following points shall help you to understand the different types of salary surveys.

  • Salary satisfaction survey-a salary satisfaction survey is a kind of a survey which is framed by an organization to fathom the satisfaction level of its employees as far as the salary is concerned. These surveys are in the form of a questionnaire which has both subjective and objective type of questions. Any such survey helps the organization to know whether or not the majority of the employees are satisfied with their respective salaries or not. To increase productivity, the organizations sometimes improve or change the salary structure in case of dissatisfaction of the employees.
  • Salary distribution survey- a salary distribution survey is a kind of a salary survey which is framed to evaluate the distribution of the wages and salaries within an organization. By knowing this, organizations can make changes to ensure that each employee gets a deserved amount of salary and is satisfied with it.
  • Salary benefits survey- a survey of this kind is used by companies or organizations to know how the salary benefits the employees and how is it divided to satisfy their livelihoods.  These surveys are effective in knowing whether or not the salaries given are sufficient for the employees.

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