Career Interest Survey

A career interest survey is a survey or a written questionnaire which is framed by career counselling centres or educational institutes to fathom the career choices or interests of different people so as to come to a conclusion about the common or popular career choices at a given time. These surveys are also important for many people who wish to know about their own preferred career choice as by answering the questions, they can easily know about their interest or inclination towards a career. Any such survey has multiple choice questions which are well framed and simple to understand. Given below is a sample of a career interest survey which can be used by any person.

Sample Career Interest Survey:

1. Select one of the following which is applicable for you.

a) I am studying in school

b) I am an undergraduate

c) I am a graduate

d) I am pursuing my post graduation

e) I am pursuing higher studies

f) I am working

g) I am unemployed

h) Other(please specify)

2. Which of the following fields are you most interested in?(you can select more than one options)

a) I am interested in arts

b) I am interested in business, finance, economics etc.

c) I am interested in a creative field of work

d) I like writing

e) I am interest in music/dance/entertainment

f) I like reading

g) I am interested in sports

h) I like teaching

i) Other(please specify)

3. If you were given an option to select a desired career, what would it be?

a) Teaching

b) Writing

c) Entertainment related

d) Medical

e) Engineering

f) Sales/marketing

g) Sports

h) Politics

i) Social work

j) Other(please specify)

4. Do you see yourself reaching this career choice?

a) Yes

b) No

5. Are your interests based on personal assessment or only desire/ambition?


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