Career Development Survey

A career development survey is a kind of a survey or a written or oral questionnaire which is prepared so as it fathom the details of a person’s career development methods. These surveys are used to know how a person prepares for a certain career and what steps are involved to reach a set goal in the career. These surveys are drafted so as to take a collective opinion of many different individuals so as to come to a common conclusion about career development preparations. Given in the following lines is a sample of a career development survey that can be used as a reference document.

Sample Career Development Survey:

Please answer the following questions:

1. Which career field are you in at the given time? Select one of the following appropriate options.

a) Sports

b) Entertainment

c) Medical

d) Engineering

e) Commerce or business related

f) Sales/marketing

g) Social work

h) Banking job

i) Other(please specify)

2. What is your job position/title in this career?


3. How long have you been working at this particular job position?

a) One month or less

b) 6 months or less

c) 1 year or less

d) 3 years or less

e) 5 years or less

f) 10 years or less

g) More than 10 years

4. Before this job position, which level of work were you working at?


5. How many years did it take for you to be promoted?


6. What were the preparations done by you to attain the career and the position you are working at?


7. Did you join any training or coaching class for entering this field of work?

a) Yes

b) No

8. Did you worked as an intern before getting the actual job?

a) Yes

b) No

9. How many years did you look for a job before finally getting into your desired field?


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