Business Travel Survey

A business travel survey is a kind of a survey which is conducted by organisations to understand the business travelling needs and frequencies of various business organisations. These surveys are conducted on a group of similar business set ups to mark a phenomena or common findings of business related travel habits of people. Any business travel survey consists of multiple questions which can be either subjective type, objective type or both. Given below for your reference is a well detailed sample of a business travel survey that can be used by any person.

Sample Business Travel Survey:

Name of the respondent:

Name of the business organisation:

Official address of business organisation:

Official contact number:

The following is a business travel survey questionnaire. Please take out a few minutes to answer all the questions in the spaces which have been provided.

Q1. Please explain to us the kind of business organisation you own and the type of work it does.


Q2. In this setting of work, do you need to travel in and out the city for business related tasks?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q3. If yes, then please explain the exact need for you to travel for work?


Q4. On an average, how many times in a month do you have to travel within the country?

a)      0-3 times

b)      3-6 times

c)      6-10 times

d)     More than 10 times

Q5. On an average, how many times in a year do you have to travel within the country?

a)      0-5 times

b)      5-10 times

c)      10-20 times

d)     More than 20 times

Q6. Do you also travel outside the country for business related work?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q7. If yes, then are these visits related to any kind of import or export?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q8. How much do you spend on business travel per year?


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