Business Report Survey

A business report survey is a document which asks a number of questions about a business report, including its composition, its orientation, aim and purpose. Care should be taken to make the questions of the survey relevant and pertaining to an inspection of a business document. It is meant to be filled in by the concerned persons, who may range from the managerial team of a company to its lowliest employee. Hence, the questions must be designed depending upon who is going to complete the survey. A business report survey is a critical document thus in the life of the company as it highlights errors and paves the way for marked improvements.

Sample Business Report Survey

  1. What profits have been declared in the business report?
  • Between 1 million USD to 2 million USD
  • Between 2 million USD to 3 million USD
  • Above 3 million USD
  1. How thoroughly and comprehensively has the business report been compiled and tabulated?
  • Very comprehensively with reports being investigated from every department
  • Reports from only some concerned departments were investigated
  • Not very thoroughly
  1. How frequently are such complete business reports presented before the company management?
  • Annually
  • Bi-annually
  • Quarterly
  1. Who supervises the compilation of the business report?
  • The management of the company, including the board members.
  • The heads of the various departments
  • A team specially created for the compilation of the business report.
  • Any other, please specify
  1. Does the business report outline reasons for failure in certain areas and provide suggestions that can lead to improvement?
  • Yes, the business report is very thorough and contains both an elucidation of the problems and how to overcome them.
  • No, this is a record of past performance only and does not contain strategies or measures for improvement.

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