Business Expense Survey

A business expense survey is a kind of a survey which helps to record and understand the periodic estimates of the expenditures incurred by retail business, wholesale companies and other types of business organisations. These surveys are in the form of written questionnaires which consist of multiple questions that can be either subjective or objective in nature. Any such survey is effective in getting a general conclusion about the business expenses and helps survey conducting organisations to evaluate the results of different responses. Given below is a sample of a business expense survey that can be used by any person for reference purpose.

Sample Business Expense Survey:

Name of the respondent:

Name of the business organisation:

Official address:

Official contact number:

The following is a business expense survey. Please take out a few minutes to fill in the following questions in the spaces provided.

Q1. What is the nature or type of your business organisation?

a)      Retail business

b)      Wholesale business

c)      Manufacturing business

d)     Service providing business

e)      Other (please specify in detail)

Q2. Can you say that your earnings are more than your business expenses?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q3. What all are the areas of expenditure that your organisation incurs each month? You can select more than one option.

a)      Manufacturing costs

b)      Salaries/wages

c)      Buying

d)     Travelling expenses

e)      Organisational and management related costs

f)       Other (please specify in detail)

Q4. Can you please give us a percentage of expenses for each different answer selected from above given list?


Q5. Can you please give us an exact or approximate figure of the expenses incurred by your company on a monthly basis?


Q6. Do you think you can cut down on these expenses and continue to earn the same revenue?

a)      Yes, we can

b)      No, we cannot

c)      May be we can

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