Business Consumer Survey

The business consumer survey is an analytic process that helps the business to gauge the success and strength within the particular market. The survey helps provide a lot of information on the current activities that affect the business and its consumers. There are also various opinions that are gathered through the customers regarding the products and services offered by the business. This survey is applicable in all kinds of services from retail trade, industries, buildings etc. This provides synthetic indication about the economic standpoint of the company. The data that is collected provides a list of positive and negative responses which can be then gauged to reach an overall verdict. This survey can take place within a particular sales season or not in order to understand the consumer’s satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Such a survey is part of the business cycle in order to analyze the areas that need improving according to customer feedback.

Sample Business Consumer Survey:

Name of Company: Hair We Care Ltd.

Products: Women’s Hair Wash products

Date: 3.4.2012

Kindly respond to the following questions to help us better our services:

  1. Are you a regular user of the Hair Wash Products?
  • Regular User
  • Sometimes
  • Don’t use at all

2. Have these products met the promises stated in the ad campaigns?

  • Absolutely
  • More or less
  • Unsure
  • Not in the least

3. Are there areas that you’d like to see improvement in?

  • The product branding
  • The contents of the product
  • The price
  • None at all

4. Was there any significant improvement after using these products?

  • Impressive improvement
  • Haven’t noticed
  • Minor and unnoticed
  1. Do you recommend this product to your friends and other family members?
  • Recommend it all the time
  • Sometimes, depending on the situation
  • Never

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