Business Confidence Survey

The business confidence survey is an effective method through which companies measure the current state of economy and the business performance as well juxtaposed to it. It is a way through which companies are able to understand where they stand at a particular juncture within the market. This survey is undertaken by the marketing and sales department or other hired analyzers can also take this up and produce an objective account of the current economic activity of the business. It is important that this survey maintains some amount of accuracy since the data collected will help businesses understand and take up the next steps to improve the current standing. It is necessary that this survey asks relevant questions that pertain to the business performance, the consumer response, the sales reports and the brand value of the products and services. The business confidence survey should be conducted periodically especially during economic crisis.

Sample Business Confidence Survey

Name of the company: Baby Food N US Ltd.

Products: Baby food products for babies under 3 years

We request you to answer the following questions that will help in gaining a clear picture of where the company stands within the economy:

1.  What has been the sales percentage for this company within the last 3 years?

  • Within 20-30% of the market share
  • Within 40-50%
  • Above 50% of the market

2. How have the advertisements and marketing strategies affected the consumer-business relationship with respect to the products and services?

  • Favorable response
  • Negative response
  • Mixed reaction

3. Has there been an increase in the hiring/ recruiting within the company in the last 3 years?

  • Definitely
  • Same recruitment pattern with no increase
  • Decrease in employment

4. Has the current state of economic inflation affected business performance?

  • Not in the least
  • Somewhat

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